well, it's a really Bad time for Human all over the world affected by COVID-19 so I thought to introduce the MORINGA Tree Powder which personally I use from couples of years,

I feel Lot batter and most i am not Using Hospital medicines, as I am 62 now & learn lot from many vitamins But i found MORINA is the best so why not introduce to other.

Just try and you going to feel batter Day by Day.


There is no any Danger using MORINGA powder or other supplements made off by MORINGA MIRACLE TREE.

you can use every day or couple of time in the week, 

but if you feel that COVID-19 is attacked you then you can take 2 time a day

1/2 tea spoon in the morning, with FOOD or Drinks or shake vegetable soup  and 1/2 tea spoon before bed time, 

Please drink water 2~3 liters a day, this is very important for Moringa as it's have lot's of Power.


please contact me if you have any plan to buy in BULK, we need to know the QUANTITY of your Demand. so we can advice that when we can supply,

In Japan there is only 2 Places growing Moringa 


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- Offline Payments